Genjitsu Karate Kai

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Adult class

New College Monday 8-9:30pm
St Joseph' s Catholic College Thursday 8:15-9:45pm.

In this class you will start off learning basic technique (kihon), forms (kata) and sparring (kumite) exercises. As you progress you will start to learn application of forms and use bags to test basic technique. Your form must be good in order to progress but then you must be able to apply the concepts to a real encounter.

We teach karate as it was originally intended: as an all-round art including joint locking, grappling and throwing, as well as punching and kicking. Alongside learning physical technique, our training methods are designed to help you develop a tough mental attitude that is essential in case of a real encounter.

We aim to make our classes as rewarding as they are challenging, and provide an environment in which everyone is supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our comprehensive system of self-defence and personal protection is focussed firmly on the 'real world' rather than the competitive arena. We look beyond physical self-defence techniques, equipping our students with the skills required to avoid, escape or defuse dangerous situations, and knowledge of the legal and ethical implications of self-protection. This enables our students to make sound decisions about how to respond to potential threats, and to follow through with appropriate and above all effective action.

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Roundhouse Kick Break-fall Working with pads