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Genjitsu Karate Kai News... 2013

Christmas Holiday Shut-down

Xmas Candles

The last training session will be Thursday 19th December 2013

The first session in the new year will be Monday 6th January 2014

* Non GI traning day *
Thursday 19th December is a non uniform day.

Please come in with everyday clothes (not brand new) and make sure that you have clean shoes to wear in the hall.

Shotokan Tiger

Mon and Kyu Grading
Sunday 1st December 2013 @ 10am

Iain Abernethy

* Karate groundwork and Empi drills *
Autumn Course with Iain Abernethy
On Sunday 27th October 2013 from 11am to 15pm

Summer Holidays

beach ball

The last lesson before will be Thursday 25th July 2013

and we will reconvene on Thursday 5th September 2013


Enjoy your break!

Shotokan Tiger

Mon and Kyu Grading
Sunday 21st July 2013 @ 9:30am

* The first ever *

Bunkai Bash Logo

An event open to all bunkai enthusiasts who want training from some of the country’s leading bunkai instructors,

easter basket

Easter Holidays Shutdown
There will be no training on Thursday 28th March
or Monday 1st April due to Easter Holidays

Shotokan Tiger

Mon and Kyu Grading
Sunday 24th March 2013 @ 10am

Seminar with Rory Miller

Rory Miller will be making a return to the UK on the 23rd and 24th of February.

Weekend Breakdown..

Day One:

Will be an Introduction to Violence, the full version (Context; Violence Dynamics; Force Law) with the one-step, power generation, counter-assault, fighting to the goal and usually some fun/useful stuff like leverage points and blindfolded infighting.

Day Two :

is less talk: Frisk fighting; group one-step; Ground; ethics and application of pain; dynamic fighting practice; wall; environmental fighting and Plastic Mind.

First lesson after the Christmas holidays in 2013.

Junior Intermediate & Adult Classes:
First lesson in the new year will be: Monday 7th January 2013

Junior Starter:
First lesson in the new year will be: Thursday 10th January 2013