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We also offer the STREET SAFE system.

This is pure self-protection training with none of the added karate offshoots. There are three levels of training that is tailored specifically for the audience.

The first level concentrates on awareness, avoidance, how bad guys think, home safety, travel safety, online safety, the law, aftermath, the realities of violence and some basic physical responses but other things can be built in or emphasised dependant on what the client wants. This level works as anyone can attend as self-protection shouldn' t just be for fit and healthy people, in fact the elderly, young and infirm are the ones who probably need it more.

Level two, offers more in depth training in areas of the system that are relevant to the client and offers more physical aspects of self-protection training. We introduce some pressure testing of techniques and drills to ingrain responses.

Level three offers personally tailored scenario training where the client will experience the closest thing to real life that can be offered, this will test judgement making, response to threat or attack and articulation of outcomes.

For the very best in personal protection training and to become STREET SAFE please contact
Andi at

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