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The Swindon Shotokan Karate-do Club was founded in 1995 and moved to its current home at St Joseph's Catholic College in 2010.

Over a period of several years the emphasis of training shifted towards practical application of Karate for self-defence and "real-world" self-protection. The club was renamed the Genjitsu Karate Kai (Reality Karate School) in 2006 to capture more accurately the philosophy of the training.

Genjitsu is a full member of the British Combat Association, the UK's leading multi-style practical martial arts association, and its global sister body the World Combat Associations.

We welcome complete novices and people who have trained in the martial arts before. We also welcome people from other martial arts organisations who may want to add an extra element of realism to their training.

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Upcoming Event

Bunkai Bash ‐ 2025

04th to 06th July 2025


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