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Andi Kidd

Andi Kidd has been training in karate for over 20 years, is graded 5th Dan and is a fully qualified Instructor with both the British Combat Association and the World Combat Associations. Andi also holds a full instructors teaching certificate from Iain Abernethy, one of few in the world to do so. He is also First Aid qualified. Although his base karate style is Shotokan, Andi has dabbled in many arts from Aikido to Western Sword fighting, bringing this experience to give a deeper understanding of karate. Andi has always been keen on getting top quality instruction and has travelled far and wide for it as well as getting many famous names to come and teach in his home town, including Vince Morris, Rory Miller and Iain Abernethy

Andi Kidd is one of the most impressive bunkai teachers I have worked with. His ceaseless exploration of the pragmatic aspects of our tradition have seen him develop a way of approaching kata that is very holistic. Andi is not one to be trapped by dogma, but instead he questions deeply and it is this approach that ensures what he teaches is always focused on the core traditional values of functionality and practicality. It's not just Andi's material that sets him apart, it's also the way in which he delivers that material. Andi is a warm and humorous guy who is able to effectively communicate his thinking. I highly recommend Andi to anyone who wants to practise karate in an logical and open-minded way.

Iain Abernethy

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James Hall

James Hall has been training in Karate since 1993, is graded 4th Dan and is a qualified instructor with the British Combat Association with over ten years' teaching experience.

James joined Genjitsu in 2009 in search of a more practical approach to Karate, having previously trained and taught with organisations more focussed on the technical and competitive aspects of the art. James retains a strong interest in the technical side of Karate, and has dabbled in several other martial arts including Ju-jitsu, Tang Soo Do, Penjtak Silat and traditional Okinawan weapons

James Hall

Steve White

Steve White has been training in karate for many years. He is a Major in the British army and has moved around the country, training in convenient clubs nearby.

Steve is now graded 3rd Dan and is a qualified Instructor with the British Combat Association Steve also holds a full instructors certificate with Iain Abernethy.

Steve has a base style of Shotokan and grades in Aikido. He has also dabbled in many other arts.

Steve White

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