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Our training is delivered through a combination of:

Weekly lessons: Based in our dojo (training hall) at St. Joseph's Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon SN3 3LR, our weekly lessons are the core of our training programme. These sessions concentrate on development of physical skills and capabilities using our comprehensive Shotokan Karate-based system. Regular attendance at weekly sessions is essential in developing a robust and rounded skill set.

Intense day sessions: Held four times a year, our intense day sessions focus on one specific aspect of skill development in depth. They may be based in the dojo, explore aspects of theory / non-physical skill through talks and discussions, or explore practical application of skills outside the dojo in real-world environments. Our day sessions are often open to, or shared with, other reality-based martial art practitioners and groups, providing an opportunity to share and understand different perspectives and broaden experience.

Group sessions: Held periodically throughout the year, our group sessions provide a more informal environment in which to experiment with ideas and explore more "fun" aspects of training. In the summer, these are often held outdoors.

Reading list / home study: We encourage students to practise at home, and to supplement their training using external resources such as books, DVDs and online material. We have developed a "reading list" of resources which our Instructors consider to be of high quality and relevance to the various stages of training.

Review of personal goals and progress: We recognise that every individual is different and comes to Karate / self-protection training for different reasons. To ensure that our students' training remains aligned with their personal objectives, we offer all our students a bi-monthly 30 minute private video call with the Chief Instructor to discuss and review their individual training goals and progress.

Courses: At least once a year, we host courses led by top Karate and self-protection instructors. These are open to other martial arts practitioners and groups and provide access to specialist expert knowledge and skills. We also promote selected courses hosted by other reputable organisations. For upcoming courses, see our Events page.

Training package and costs

Our adult training package costs £45 per person per month and includes:

  • Membership, annual licence and insurance
  • Weekly lessons (2 hrs/week)
  • Intense day sessions (quarterly)
  • Group sessions (usually bi-monthly)
  • Access to reading list resources
  • Access to Online Learning Portal (Members Only)
  • 30 min private video call with Chief Instructor to discuss training goals and progress (bi-monthly)
  • Discounts on courses
  • Discount on private sessions

Call 07818 417 181 or email andi@genjitsu.co.uk

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